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Our Penis Enlarger Rings and Weights have been designed to give maximum benefits.
Uses copper and zinc rods and hypoallergenic soft silicone.
1: The copper and zinc rods act as the anode and cathode in a battery creating a small, natural Galvanic Current when they come in contact with the acids & salts on the body.
2: The current, copper and zinc are beneficial to the human body for natural cell growth and stamina.
3: These components stimulate muscles and enhance cell growth, creating several noticeable benefits:

A: Wearing the Ring of Fire II will give you a bigger penis. It's been designed to be used alone or along with our
other Penis Enlargers, Extenders and Stretchers, such as a Penis Enlarger Weight, Pro Enlarger and others.
B: When used along with one of our Penis Enlargers or Penis Weights this Ring will increase and speed-up cell
division and new cell growth, (a process know as "Cytokinesis"). This process in turn enhances and speeds-up
your enlarging process.
C: The ring also stimulates blood circulation to the penis and testicles causing bigger & harder erections.
D: A longer and thicker penis by facilitating new cell growth.
E: Ability to maintain an erection for longer periods of time.
F: Increased testosterone resulting in increased stamina and desire.

It's easy to adjust for the perfect fit and it's easy to use. It can not be seen so no one will know you have it on! You can wear it wherever and whenever you want. At home, work, in the gym, during intercourse, etc.

Is made of silver plated neodymium magnets, zinc coated balls, yellow brass and hypoallergenic silicone.

Place your penis and testicles through the Ring of Fire Penis Enlarger.
1: The zinc, silver and magnetism create a natural Electromagnetic Current.
2: This current into the genital region stimulates cell growth creating a bigger, longer and thicker penis.
3: The steady electromagnetic current to the genital region stimulates muscles and enhances cell growth,
creating several benefits:

A: The Penis Enlarger Ring of Fire will give you more girth and a thicker erection as soon as you put it on.
(Which is why it should be used during intercourse.)
B: Stimulated blood circulation to the penis and testicles causing bigger erections.
C: Ability to maintain an erection for longer periods of time.
D: Delayed ejaculation resulting in more pleasure for both partners.
E: An increase in ejaculatory fluid.
F: Increased sexual stamina and desire.
G: The Ring of Fire has been designed to give BOTH partners more pleasure. The magnets and zinc balls are
positioned to gently massage your partners clitoris.

The ring should be worn during sexual relations for instant penis enlarger results.
For more intense, permanent results the ring can also be used at various times throughout the day, at work,
walking, etc.

Two types of Penis Enlarger Ball Weights are available though we only sell the most popular Ball Weights.
Heavy weights from 10 ounces and up, some as high as 2+ pounds, are intended only for brief use while
performing specific lifting exercises. These weights are dangerous. At Penis Enlarger Pro we DO NOT sell them.
We are committed to helping men enlarge their penis safely and effectively.

The Penis Enlarger Ball Weights we sell are made of stainless steel balls, silver plated neodymium magnets and
hypoallergenic soft silicone tubing.

Our ball weights for penis enlarging are within the safe weight standard for all day long use.
Using our Penis Enlarger Ball Weights will give you a bigger penis.

Our one ball Penis Enlarger weighs approximately 3.5 ounces.
Our Two Ball Penis Enlarger weighs approximately 7 ounces.

A Penis Enlarger Ball Weight is easy to use.
Simply cut the silicone tube strap to fit snuggly on the head of your penis and put it on.
The weight gently stretches your penis much like the Male Edge, Pro Enlarger or any of our other Penis Enlargers. The difference is ease of use.
A Penis Enlarger Weight Ball has less parts to attach to you penis and it's not as bulky in your pants.

Using one of our ball weights along with our Ring of Fire II will speed up and enhance your enlarging process.
Both will give you a bigger penis due to cell division.

However, when a Penis Enlarger Ball Weight or one of our other Penis Enlargers is used causing the cells to
divide, the Ring of Fire II causes the division, multiplication and new cell growth to happen at a quicker rate. This gives you an even bigger penis than you would get using just one of the products, and in less time.
Penis Enlarger Rings & Weights
Penis Enlarger Rings and Weights are an All Natural way to enlarge your penis.
Our Penis Enlarger Rings use zinc, copper, silver-plated neodymium magnets and a Galvanic Current to enlarge
your Penis Naturally.

Our Ring of Fire will enlarge your penis instantly and provide long term results with repeated use.
Our Ring of Fire II will enlarge your penis permanently.
Our Penis Enlarging Weights will also give you a Bigger Penis both in length and girth.
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The Ring of Fire II can be used alone or with any of our Penis
Enlarger products. A
Penis Enlarger Ball
Weight, the Pro
Enlarger, Male Edge,

The Ring of Fire II
with any of these
enlargers will speed up and enhance your
penis enlarging results.

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products are the top
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